How to Order

How to order


Kindly send your documents to stating:


1) Which service you want.


2) The latest date and clock time we can send it back (please avoid using 12.00 due to some people’s confusion with midnight and afternoon). (remember to allow one day for yourself to print out the document). Please do not tell us your submission time. We only need to know the latest time that you want the document back from us.


3) The minimum and maximum word count (we will try to follow this as long as it doesn’t impact upon the quality of the corrections we are providing). Please click here to see the warnings about word count requirements


4) How you want to pay. (we have paypal, and pay by card options.
Please click here for more info on payment details.

Once we receive your document we will send you the payment details. After you have made the payment we will start the work and return it to you by the deadline you gave us..


5) Optional – For paraphrasing (re-writing) service you should let us know if there are any particular words that you don’t want us to change. In fact we strongly encourage you to send us the document with any technical words or words that are important to your subject that you do not want us to change highlighted in a different colour.
This does not apply to the proofreading or heavy editing service


6) If you are sending a document with a mixture of services. E.g. some sentences are for proofreading and other parts are for paraphrasing then please colour code them and let us know which colour is for which service. I recommend red for paraphrasing


What is your turnaround?
For any proofreading document up to 3000 words/ paraphrasing up to 2000 words we require at least 24 hours.
For any proofreading document between 3000– 6000 words/ paraphrasing between 2000 – 5000 words we require at least 48 hours.
For any proofreading document between 6000 – 10000 words/ paraphrasing between 5000 – 8000 words we require at least 72 hours.
We do require at least 24 hours for any document below 3000 words no matter how small. If you need your work returned within 24 hours then you may need to pay an express price because we will need to pay our staff extra to do it at short notice. The price will be dependent upon the exact time you are giving us and how busy we are. If we have enough staff you may not need to pay the express price at all.



I will send you my work next week, will you be too busy?

We do have very busy periods, but if you tell us when you are sending your work we can reserve a proofreader for you. Please tell us approximately how many words you will have, what day you will send it and what day you need it returned.


Can I have a mixture of proofreading and paraphrasing / rewrite service?
Yes. If you want a mixture then please let us know. All you need to do is to highlight the words in different colours to separate it out. We will then re-write and proofread the words accordingly. The charge will be separate for both the paraphrasing service and proofreading service.


Do you have further questions?
Please visit the FAQ page, email us at
or call us on 020 8144 8842.