We offer a wide range of highest quality editing services in UK and worldwide. We offer a professional proofreading service as well as paraphrasing and rewriting services. Our services also include heavy editing, word expansion and translation, career services, document editing, transcribing and Microsoft Excel services.

Our paraphrasing and rewrite service is by far the most popular. This service provides you with a complete rewrite of your documents while maintaining the same meaning. The rewrite and paraphrasing service would be most suitable for you if you encounter an issue with plagiarism in your document. Our professional staff will make sure your document passes the plagiarism detection software such as “Turn It In”.

Proofessor - Editing Services

£12.99 (per 1000 words)
A proofreading service gives you more than just basic checking of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

£17.99 (per 1000 words)
Go beyond proofreading. We will take every opportunity to ensure that the flow and style of the written English is enhanced.

£29.99 (per 1000 words)
Paraphrasing / Rewriting is the process of rewording the original sentences while maintaining consistency and meaning.

£29.99 (per 1000 words*)
We reword the original sentences and reduce the word count, while maintaining consistency and meaning. (*for the original word count)

FROM £40 (per 1000 words)
Translate your document into a chosen language. All documents go through the proofreading process to ensure quality.

£49.99 (per 1000 words)
Word expansion takes rewriting a step further. We will help with turning ideas you may be struggling with into coherent sentences.

£14.99 (first 50 pages)
Finalise your document by having our experienced team of editors format it and prepare it for print.

£49.99 (per document)
Our CV and Cover letter service helps you get the most out of your CV, giving you the best chance to secure your dream job.

Take the weight of audio-to-text transcription off your shoulders. Our team will convert your audio files into a professionally written document.

£30 (first 1-30 references)
Once you’ve written your essay and you’re ready for submission, let our team help you polish your reference list or bibliography.

FROM £49.99 (up to 600 words)

Make a positive impression on the university’s selection panel with a tailored personal statement from our expert staff.

State the aim of your summary and let our experts create a clear, professional overview and condensation of your chosen text.

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Proofessor - Proofreading Services


Below you will find some samples of our work. These samples are here to help you make a decision on the type of service you require.
If you are still not sure, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help and advise you.

Proofreading Sample

Heavy Editing Sample

Paraphrasing / Re-writing