Frequently Asked Questions

Service Enquiries

Why do I need to proofread my essay?

There is often a 10% – 20% mark allocated for the correct use of grammar and spelling. In addition, each section of the essay is given marks based on clarity of information. By making your essay more academic, the examiner will understand your points easier and you will get higher marks as a result.

Why do I need to paraphrase my essay?

Your tutor needs you to paraphrase or rewrite references/quotations that you use to make sure you understand it. You may have difficulties if English is not your first language. Additionally, you may have used information from other essays but were unable to write it in your own words. Our paraphrasing service ensures that your paper is not plagiarised and passes plagiarism software detectors such as ‘Turn It In’.

Who is checking my essay?
All our proofreaders must have the following before we consider their application

Native English speaker
Graduated in UK / Ireland universities
Excellent command of English

We have strict testing criteria before allowing them to join in order to ensure that all our team is composed of the strongest proofreaders.

Can your paraphrasing and rewrite service pass plagiarism check?
Yes, every sentence is rewritten word by word to ensure writings are original. Check our samples and see for yourself by clicking here. Our customers have always praised us for passing the ‘Turn It In’ software.

I have a large amount of words that need proofreading but I am unsure if your service is suitable for me.
We welcome you to test our quality before you order from us. Simply send us 200 words from your own work and let us know if it is for proofreading or paraphrasing (re-writing). We will complete these words for you as a free sample. If you like the quality then feel free to place an order with us.

I have a very long essay and my deadline is too short.
You do not have to send us your whole essay all at once. Once you have finished each section, you can send us that section for proofreading. We can be proofreading this section – e.g. your introduction – while you are writing another section e.g. your method.

What is your turnaround?

For any proofreading document up to 3,000 words/paraphrasing up to 2,000 words, we require at least 24 hours.
For any proofreading document 3,000-6,000 words/paraphrasing 2,000-5,000 words, we require at least 48 hours.
For any proofreading document 6,000-10,000 words/paraphrasing 5,000-8,000 words, we require at least 72 hours.

We do require at least 24 hours for any document fewer than 3,000 words, no matter how small. If you need your work returned within 24 hours, then you may need to pay an express; this is only because we may need to pay our editors an additional fee to account for the short notice. The price will be dependent upon the exact time you submit your document to us and how busy we are. If we have enough staff, you may not need to pay the express price at all.

Please note that these times are just guidelines and are not fixed. In busy periods, we do need to raise the minimum deadline as per the availability of our editors. The minimum deadline is usually raised in April, August and September. However, it can sometimes rise in other months depending on the volume of demand on any given day. I would also suggest that you leave more time than the minimum guideline in order to ensure the availability of editors.

Additionally, if you have used a certain editor before and want to use the same one again, it is best to have a long deadline in case they are already working on other documents when you submit yours. You will need to wait for them to finish their current caseload before they can start on your work.

I will send you my work next week, will you be too busy?
We do have very busy periods, but if you tell us when you are sending your work we can reserve an editor for you. Please tell us approximately how many words you will have, what day you will send it and what day you need to have it returned. It is best to make a reservation in August and September as this represents the peak period for Master’s dissertations. However, if a reasonable deadline is provided in other months, a reservation should not be necessary.

Can I have a mixture of proofreading and paraphrasing / rewrite service?
Yes. If you opt for a mixture, then please let us know. All you need to do is to highlight the words in different colours to indicate where each service is to be applied. We will then rewrite and proofread the words accordingly. The charge will be separate for both the paraphrasing and proofreading services. Please remember that for paraphrasing, we can only rewrite complete sentences from the start of the sentence to the full stop.

Do you check the contents to ensure the essay is correct?
Our job is to ensure that your use of English is professional and academic. Our work helps you get across your arguments clearly. However, ultimately you are responsible for the subject specific content of your essay.

My essay is too long. Can you shorten it?
We can rewrite your entire essay to shorten it within a reasonable range. Please send your essay to us to discuss further.

Do you provide any other services?
We have included what we specialise in on our website. However, we are flexible company and we will do our best to accommodate our customer’s needs. If you require another service that is not listed then please contact us and we will discuss it with you.

I am not very confident with English and do not feel comfortable speaking English on the telephone
We have staff that are versed in Cantonese and Mandarin. All telephone calls will be answered with English. Please tell us you wish to speak in Cantonese or Mandarin when we answer.

Who we are

What is Proofessor?
Proofessor Ltd is a UK registered company 06762728. You can find us at

Can I speak to you online?
Yes. We have skype, and QQ. Please feel free to add us. All of our contact details can be found in the ‘contact us’ section You are very welcome to chat with us; we offer free advice on any topic. We often talk to students who are new in England and give them advice in many areas. Although we encourage you to speak to us online, please don’t worry about making mistakes as you have to make mistakes in order to learn.

Who are your staff? All our proofreaders must have the following before we consider their application

Native English speaker
Graduated in UK / Ireland universities
Excellent command of English

We have strict testing criteria before allowing them to join to ensure your document is being handled by the best people.

Payment Enquiries

How do I pay?

We prefer you to transfer the amount directly to our bank account. You can do this by
Internet transfer
Call your bank (normally opens from 8am to 10pm)
Cash in HSBC branchesGenerally we will provide you with our bank details after you have sent us your document.

How long does it take to complete the bank transfer? Once you have made the payment, we will receive it immediately.

How do I transfer money from my account?
Please contact us at and we will guide you through the process. Once you setup a payment template, future payments would be easier.

Can I pay by debit/credit card?
Yes. All transactions by card use the PayPal gateway and are secured through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay via card. We will send you the instructions on how to use the gateway to make your payment.

Can I pay by PayPal?
Yes. Yes there is no extra charge for paying via PayPal or card.

When should I pay?
Payment should be made upon order. We understand that you may be worried if your order is large. To resolve this, you can send us a small sample of your work to us first before proceeding with bigger orders. Alternatively, send your work to us in parts and pay in parts.