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Your suggestions and comments are invaluable to us in order for to continuously improve our services. Please use the contact form or call us on:


+44 (0)20-8144-8842  English

To speak in Mandarin to our customer service representative please phone:

+44 (0)20-8133-8868  Chinese

You are more than welcome to add us on Skype or QQ for a chat. We aim to help international students and will give you free advice on any topic. We look forward to chatting with you!


QQ: Tony: 2230014517 Rick: 2962764194

SKYPE: Tony: proofessor_tony Rick: rick_proofessor

WeChat: (English) rick446732 / (Mandarin) Proofessor123

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Reserving a proofreader
Due to high demand during the summer months it is advisable that you reserve a proofreader. Simply let us know in advance when you plan to send us your essay and we will ensure that we reserve a proofreader for your work.