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Academic Heavy Editing

Cost: £17.99 per thousand words
Heavy editing goes beyond proofreading, giving you much more. Heavy editing ensures that the flow and style of your written English is enhanced all the way through your document.

Our editors will strengthen your weak sentences and turn them into strong academic sentences.

Why Heavy Editing?

International students often use this service to improve the quality of their essays, dissertations, and other academic documents. The heavy editing service includes:

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Correction of grammatical errors

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Correction of punctuation errors

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Correction of spelling mistakes

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Stylistic changes to document

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Comments on writing (lack of clarity etc.)

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Making weak sentences stronger by rewriting or restructuring as necessary

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Improving the style and flow of your written English throughout the paper

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Heavy Editing

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Please note: Although we will paraphrase some of the weaker sentences within this service, heavy editing should not be used as a replacement for paraphrasing. If you have problems with plagiarism or have copied too closely from other articles, then you should use the paraphrasing (rewriting) service.


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