Services for business

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]We offer proofreading and paraphrasing services, as well as bespoke services that are particular designed to meet the needs of our business clients. These include:

  • Web content
  • Company profiles for use in marketing materials and online
  • Press releases
  • Copy writing for corporate and business publications
  • Marketing materials

Our business customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dedicated people assigned exclusively to you and chosen by you so that quality remains consistent
  • Priority customer service – a dedicated administrator assigned to you to deal with your orders quickly
  • Negotiable rate – reduced rates if you send us work regularly, while maintaining the highest level of quality
  • After sales service – Speak with us live on any questions you may have via Skype or QQ. If you prefer other channel of communication, let us know and we could arrange it

Let us know what you need by contacting Anthony Whistler at or Richard Cooper at

Business FAQs

Here are some of the questions people ask most frequently about our business services.

How do you ensure the consistency of your services?

Once we have agreed terms and conditions for your job, Proofessor will choose appropriate people from our team of proofreaders, copy writers and editors to complete a 500 words sample for you. You can choose who you prefer to be doing the work for you in the future. We will reserve this team exclusively for you. The number of team members assigned to you depends upon the amount of work that you are planning to send to us.

Do you have any full time staff working for you?

All of our staff work as freelancers, so they are not directly employed by Proofessor, but some have been with us for more than 5 years, regularly taking on work from us. Our freelance model means that we can deliver high quality work to you at a highly competitive price.

Who are your freelancers?

At Proofessor we have very high standards and are meticulous in our selection of freelance contractors. All of our freelancers must meet the following criteria:

  • A native English speaker
  • A graduate from a UK university (minimum of 2.1 class degree)
  • An excellent standard of written English
  • A sound understanding of academic and business language
  • The ability to meet tight deadlines
  • A minimum (high) score in our proofreading and paraphrasing tests
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word

All applicants are vigorously tested and appointees undergo a trial period, during which they complete a small amount of work before being given a full workload.

I need a quick turnaround with more than 10,000 words per day. Can you do it?

Yes, we can deal with volumes of this size, although we do need some notice in advance so that we can mobilise appropriate numbers of staff. In cases such as this we divide the documents between different members of our team for completion. This is because it is not viable for one person to proofread, write or edit more than 10,000 words in a day without this having an impact on quality.

Are you happy to sign business agreements/contracts with your clients?

Yes, we are able to sign business agreements that we have discussed and agreed upon with the client.