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We offer professional proofreading, rewriting, paraphrasing and editing services. Try before you buy, free 200 words sample to test our quality. Email your sample to:

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Why Choose Proofessor?

  • High quality proofreading & editing service.
  • All our proofreaders are native English speakers, have graduated from university and are highly skilled.
  • Friendly customer service –  we enjoy chatting to students and can provide free advice on any issues you have whilst in the UK.
  • We will keep your essay confidential – we do not harvest essays from our customers.
  • We are a registered company. If you want to search for our registration details please click here.  Once you are on this website please search “Proofessor” and you will be able to view our registration number and status. All businesses operating in  the UK must be registered on this government website which is called ‘Companies House’.

High Quality Proofreading

Improving your dissertation

Dedicated to improving your essay or dissertation

Proofessor Ltd offers high quality English proofreading, editing, paraphrasing and rewriting services. We understand the difficulty in writing an essay or dissertation where English is not your first language. Our proofreading and editing service goes beyond basic checks such as grammar and spelling. Your essay or dissertation will be made more academic.

Proofessor’s most popular service is paraphrasing or rewrite, where we completely rewrite your documents while keeping the same meaning. If you have a problem with plagiarism or your writings need to pass the plagiarism software such as ‘Turn It In’, then our rewrite and paraphrasing service would be most suitable for you.

Native English Speakers

Our proofreaders are native English speakers who have been to university themselves and they have to pass our strict tests before we allow them to join our team. Our company work very hard and you will find your documents changed a great deal. We have samples for all our services so that you can see clearly what we do and what quality you can expect from us.

Click here to view our sample page with examples of all of our main services.

Please visit our Services page for a full list of what we offer.

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Call us on: +44 (0)20-8144-8842

Native English Speakers