IELTS Lessons

IELTS Lessons

IELTS Lessons

Proofessor is a UK registered provider of education support services. We provide the highest quality IELTS Lessons via Skype, taught by native English speakers. Our teachers are professionals with years of experience.

Areas of focus

Speaking and Writing English. You can choose just to focus on one area with the teacher or to focus on both.

Who are the teachers?

We have teachers from the UK and USA providing on-line lessons. All teachers have extensive experience teaching and living abroad in such countries as China, Korea, and Malaysia.

How do we communicate?

Online lessons are conducted through Skype. You will need a microphone, webcam and speakers to communicate with the teacher.

Duration of lessons

Each online IELTS lesson is 90 minutes. However, if your area of focus is “writing” you may sometimes be required to submit a piece of writing to your teacher before the class starts.

IELTS Lessons

What is included in the speaking lesson?

– Assessment of you speaking ability

– The teacher will practice past IELTS questions with you and help you to prepare for other similar questions.

– Correction of your speaking when answering and suggested alternatives.

– Model answers from the teacher for questions.

– Improvement of your vocabulary

– Improvement of your expression when speaking

– Obtaining the vocabulary necessary to answer future questions.

What is included in the Writing lesson?

– Assessment of your written English

– Correction and modification of your written answers to pass IELTS questions.

– Teaching you how to use of academic language

– Teaching you how to substitute more formal words in place of basic words which will help you score higher in the test.

– The teacher will provide you with model answers.

– Help with grammar and tense problems


For a one to one Skype IELTS lesson, the price is £35.00 per lesson (90 minutes). Discounts are available. Please quote your promo code.
Group lessons are £20.00 per person. A minimum of 5 people, a maximum of 10 people.

Discounts are available. Please quote your promo code.

Trial Lesson

Due to the time constraints on the teachers, we cannot offer a free trial lesson at this time.

However, we can offer the first lesson for just 15.00 so that you can check if you are compatible with your teacher before deciding to purchase other lessons or not.

How to order

Please write an e-mail to:
In the email please state that you would like to order an online IELTS lesson.

1)  Please let us know whether you want speaking and writing lessons or whether you just want to focus on one area.

2) Please state how many lessons you would ideally like to order

3) Please state your preferred availability to do the lessons. Please can you give a few different dates and times incase the teachers are not available for your 1st choice.

4) Please leave us with a contact telephone number and ideally your Skype ID.