General English Lessons

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Areas of focus

The lessons are tailor made for each individual. The teacher will need to assess your level and discuss with your goals and motivation for learning English so that he can produce tailor made lesson plans for you.

– Most people who undertake these lessons are people planning to live or study in England, USA or Australia.

– We teach them slang (the local language) so that they can easily understand and converse with the everyday people that they are likely to meet.

Who are the teachers?

We have 3 teachers from the UK and one from the USA willing to provide on-line lessons. All teachers have extensive experience teaching and living in Asian Countries such as China, Korea, and Malaysia.

How do we communicate?

On-line lessons are conducted through Skype. You will need a microphone, webcam and speakers to communicate with the teacher.


Duration of lesson

Each on-line lesson is 60 minutes. However, the teacher may give you some optional tasks to do outside the lesson in order to develop and reinforce your learning.


For a one to one Skype IELTS lesson the price is £27.00 per lesson (60 minutes). Discounts are available. Please quote your promo code.

Group lessons are £20.00 per person. Minimum of 5 people, maximum of 10 people.

Discounts are available. Please quote your promo code.

Trial Lesson

Due to the time constraints on the teachers we cannot offer a free first lesson.

However, we can offer the first lesson for just £15.00 so that you can check if you are compatible with your teacher before deciding to purchase other lessons or not.

How to order

Please write an e-mail to:

In the email please state that you would like to order an on-line general English lesson.

1)       Please let us know whether you prefer a teacher from the UK or the USA.

2)       Please state how many lessons you would ideally like to order

3)       Please state your preferred availability to do the lessons. Please can you give a few different dates and times in case the teachers are not available for your 1st choice.

4)       Please leave us with a contact telephone number and ideally your Skype ID.

5)       Please state some general information regarding your motivation for learning English.

What is included in the on-line general English lesson?

– It varies greatly according to the individual, level and the motivation for learning English. The teacher will need to discuss this with you during the first lesson.