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We offer Translation in a number of languages. Once the translation is completed, we will ask another team to proofread it for free to provide an extra layer of quality to the document. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible while maintaining the high-quality service. Although some services are proud of the translation tools that they have, we have to say that we do not use any translation tools to do our work. We only use fluent bi-linguals of both languages to do the work.


Some of the translators offer a free sample of 100 words so that you can test the quality before you buy.


The process

Please email your document to and let us know you want a translation service. Please also state the latest date and time that we can return your document. (Translation cannot be done in less than 24 hours and it is a good idea to allow as much time as possible as the translators may already have documents from other customers that they are working on).

We will then send it to the translator for a quote and an estimation of how long it would take to complete the work. We will send you the quote and if you agree then work will begin after payment is made.


What is the price?

We have a price guide below for the different languages. However, the price is ultimately based on the complexity of the language and the time that will be needed. The translator will need to see your document first before giving us a quote. You can imagine that a medical essay would be more complex to translate than a reflection essay and therefore the price of a medical translation would be more than a self – reflection essay.


The translators

We do not use any software to do the translation. We only use people who are either bilinguals, or who have extensive knowledge in both languages. All translators have passed the same recruitment tests that we give to our proofreaders and have a very high standard of written English.


Can I get a free sample?

Unfortunately we only a have a small number of translators in each language and therefore we cannot offer free samples because of the workload that they have.
If you have a large document and are unsure of the quality I would suggest you only send and pay for a small number of words first in order to test the quality. However, please keep in mind the translator will need a reasonable deadline.

Translation Pricing


Language PairFree sample Price
Chinese – EnglishX£35 – 60 per 1000 words
English – ChineseX£45 – 65 per 1000 words
Polish – English100 words£50 – 55 per 1000 words
English – Polish100 words£50 – 55 per 1000 words
English – Spanish100 words£35 – 45 per 1000 words
Spanish – English100 words£35 – 45 per 1000 words
Italian – English100 words£50 – 55 per 1000 words
English – Italian100 words£55 – 65 per 1000
French – English100 words£40 – 55 per 1000 words
English – French100 words£45 – 60 per 1000 words
German – English100 words£35 – 55 per 1000 words
Dutch – English100 words£45 – 60 per 1000 words
Russian – English100 words£35 – 60 per 1000 words
English – Russian100 words£45 – 65 per 1000 words


If you are ready to send your document please see the procedure.


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