Editing for Academic Journals



Many of our clients are aware of the need to publish their research work in respected journals and the benefits this can have for their professional reputation and career. In response to this demand, Proofessor now offers a service specifically tailored to those who wish to submit their papers to academic publications.



Editing for Academic Journals

With this service, our qualified and experienced staff will:

  • Proofread your paper, amending the use of English where appropriate, including suggestions for change and querying of unclear elements where relevant.
  • Ensure that the paper is formatted to the style specified by your target journal, e.g. making sure that references are correctly presented both within and at the end of the text; ensuring that all figures and tables are appropriately labelled and referred to; ensuring that the paper complies with the editorial requirements of your target journal.

Users of this service should, therefore, be aware that their paper is likely to be returned with queries and suggestions for further attention – however this service in not an academic or peer review.

If you would like to use this service, please contact us at service@proofessor.co.uk and be ready to supply your manuscript, the full title and publisher of your target journals (plus the ISSN number where possible) and a copy of the editorial guidelines for the journal involved (or a URL for the online version).
This service takes up to one calendar week, i.e. a manuscript submitted on Monday at 11.00 am would be due for return on or before the following Monday at 11.00 am


If you are ready to send your document please see the procedure.


Email us at: service@proofessor.co.uk
Call us: 020-8144-8842 (From overseas: +44 20-8144-8842)
QQ: (Tony): 2230014517 | (Rick): 1928215946
Wechat: (Rick): rick446732
Skype: (Tony): proofessor_tony | (Rick): rick_proofessor



Who is checking my document?

For this service we only have one provider. She is an expert in editing and specialises in editing for journals. However this means that we cannot offer this service for all topics. She will only take on topics that she is confident on. Please feel free to email your document and let us know you wish to use this service. She will let us know whether she is comfortable with the topic or not.

What is your turnaround?

This is a very specialist service and the provider has informed us that she will need a minimum of 7 days (including weekend days) to perform the service.


Have more questions?

For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions please visit our FAQ Page.