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Do not lose career opportunities because of your CV, Cover Letter or Interview performance. We have a range of services that could help you to make your career back on track.

CV and Cover Letter
Our clients get instant interests from employers after using us.  We have a team that specialises in writing CVs and cover letters. In order to increase the chance of interview, your CV will need to stand out for the specific job that you apply. The price for a CV and cover letter is £74.99. £39.99 if you only need a CV or just a Cover Letter


The process

You will need to send us your current CV and job that you are applying.  Do not worry if you do not have a CV, a friendly staff will contact you to ask you for your information.  If we need any further information, we will also contact you.   Below is an example of a badly written CV and how we turn it into a better CV.

CV – bad example

CV – good example


This is a highly specialized service with the aim of preparing you for a job interview for your target job. Many people have a great CV but struggle in interviews for various reasons.

A careers advisor with firstly tailor some questions that you are likely to be asked in the interview.

They will then conduct a mock interview with you for as many times as you require until you feel confident. We recommend that you have a minimum of 2 mock interviews so that you can act upon the advice that the careers advisor will give you are the first one.

Price – 60.00 for the consultation and for the careers advisor to design the mock interview questions specific to your target job. In this session you will speak to the careers advisor about your job situation, and your target job. After, the careers advisor will prepare questions that are likely to appear in your interview and design a mock interview for you.

Mock Interview session 1: 40.00 (Duration is 1 hour).

In this session the careers advisor will conduct a mock interview with you. You should treat it as a formal interview. After the interview has finished she will give you advice on the questions you answered well and on how you need to improve. Most interviewers use a scoring criterion to assess all their applicants. She will advise you on the kind of answers you need to give to score higher.

You should take note of her advice and practice how you will answer the questions again.

Mock interview session 2 40:00 (Duration is 1 hour).

In this session the careers advisor will again conduct the mock interview with you. You should be much more prepared this time and act upon her the advice she gave you last time when answering the questions. Again after the interview has finished she will give you advice about what you did well and what needs to be improved.


Mock interview session 3: 40:00 (Duration is 1 hour).

You may decide to go for a third mock interview. In this session the careers advisor will slightly alter the questions. She will ask some of them in a different way and there will be a few new questions. However, based on the advice she has given you, you should be equipped to be able to answer the questions well. As normal she will give you advice about what you did well and what needs to be improved.

Future Mock interview sessions: A lot of people attend 3 mock interviews and feel they have enough confidence afterwards to face the interview. However, you are welcome to have as many sessions as you like. After the 3rd session the price will be 30.00 per session because there will be less advice that the careers advisor can give you and it will now be about developing your confidence and practicing for the interview.

How to order

Simply send an email to  informing us that you would like to book a Mock Interview service. Please also state the following additional information within your email.

1)       What type of job you plan to interview for

2)       What your preferred dates and times are for having a consultation with our careers advisor

3)       Your Skype ID

After we have received these details we send you a reply regarding what to do next.

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this service.

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