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If you have used our proofreading version then you will have one version in which you can see all our changes. Every insertion and deletion is shown in another colour using the word function “track changes”. You can right click on each change and select accept or reject as you see fit.

The other version is a clean copy in which we have accepted all the changes in the document.

Both documents are identical in terms of content.

If you have used our paraphrasing (re-writing) service then you will have one document in which we placed our re-written paragraphs under each of your original paragraphs. This is so you can compare the two easily. We have also sent you a clean version in which there is only our re-written version remaining.

Please Note: you will not be able to see the changes we made if you view the document via mobile phone or IPAD because do support the Microsoft word track changes function. Please use a laptop or computer to view the documents.

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